SIN 7/7: Defiance in Daily Life

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In 2015 Stephen Fry was asked about his approach if at the pearly gates he meets God. He goes off on one about what he will tell God re allowing suffering blah blah blah. Some sweet person reports him to the Irish authorities for blasphemy.

The “Fry” blames God for not interfering to stop suffering…and so because God didn’t interfere, man as in “the Fry” is justified to reject God and refer to God as being vindictive. Without looking any further than the surface, it’s easy to run with this position.

However let’s look below the hood…! Men have never accepted responsibility for their actions. Adam…the first man, when God calls him to account – what have you done; immediately blames Eve – it’s the woman you gave me!!! Essentially it’s not my fault it’s hers – blame her not me!!

It’s always easy to blame another. And in that regard the Fry is simply a child of Adam and instead of holding men responsible for enslaving people; raping people; killing people; the Fry blames God for not interfering.

Let’s go back to the first recorded murder on earth. God warned Cain sin is at his door. Even after that warning, Cain does the unthinkable and takes the life of his brother. In the Fry’s world, God should of intervened. Well God did, to prevent it, but Cain followed through with his murderous plan.

The Fry’s rantings exemplifies the heart of defiance. Let’s accept responsibility for our actions and decisions; let’s hold others accountable for their decisions and actions before the Almighty God.

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