All This Happened By Chance

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Let’s just reflect. A vocal community mandates the universe with its countless galaxies all happened by chance. 

This simple statement is profound. At its core is a rejection of God.

I explained to my son, having doubts based on the amount of different world views is understandable. A rejection of God is a decision to far, because it’s based on nothing else than 100% belligerence.

He agrees.

On reflection many who reject God are actually rejecting the church institution. Some church institutions and church leaders have a lot to answer for but that’s no reason to reject God.

When I speak of God I am distinguishing God from the church institutions and religions. Because God didn’t create any of the religion on earth past and present.

God actually chose a people through who the world will be blessed. Through that people came Jesus the Christ – the blessing for the world…

Is it really possible, the entire universe with its perfect uniformity, all happened by chance. The human body…the most complex thing on earth; happened by chance of millions of years…really?

Keep searching.

Be encouraged

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