Art and Idolatry 2.0

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God commanded His people to not make or worship any idols. God isn’t being a party poop. There’s a serious life and death reason for that commandment. 

In Art and Idolatry we looked at the purpose of an idol – to destract worship from God. There is only one being that craves to be worshipped instead of God and that is Lucifer. Idolatry is his strategy to draw worship to himself.

Many people around the world worship idols of different kinds. To them these things are not idols by representations of a deity. Many bow and kiss these sculptures as part of their worship rituals.

Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air, or like any creature that moves along the ground or any fish in the waters below. And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the Lord your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven. (Deuteronomy 4:15-19)

Worship is designed for God alone, any worship to an idol is, whether it’s known or not, worshiping lucifer whose path endniaba one way ticket to hell and death.

Be encouraged.

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