Art and Idolatry

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God commissioned works of art for the temple and God also said do not worship idols as god. In contemporary society, works of art and idolatry can become confused. 

Sculptures for works of art – For the Most Holy Place he (Solomon) made a pair of sculptured cherubim and overlaid them with gold. The total wingspan of the cherubim was twenty cubits. One wing of the first cherub was five cubits long and touched the temple wall, while its other wing, also five cubits long, touched the wing of the other cherub. (2 Chronicles 3:10-11)

Sculptures for idolatry – He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool. Then they said, “These are your gods, Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt.” (Exodus 32:4)

What makes a sculpture art or idol is its purpose.

Here’s one reason why idolatry is so serious. Let’s go back to Genesis and the fall. Adam was convinced by Lucifer (devil) to made a decision to achieve something which is reserved for God only – to be worshipped as God.

An idol therefore is the devil convincing man to create a sculpture for the purpose of worship like God – whoever what man is unaware of is that idolatry is actually Lucifer’s strategy to achieve worship to himself.

Be encouraged.

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