Cash is “a” King

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The 80s were characterised by the loads of money tv sketches of Harry Enfield. Margaret Thatcher the prime minister of Britain, and I believe Ronald Reagan, famously said “greed is good”. And one of my fav films – Wall Street, starring the aweapons actor Michael Douglas, painted a picture of overnight “money” success. The era of “cash is king” truly came of age. 

By the 90s a new way of becoming a ga-zillionaire became a reality with the boom of the IT industry. Hardware, Software, Middleware, Malware were born and with it the fortunes of tech pioneers, the moat famous being Bill Gates.

Many of these tech ga-zillionaires worth, was on paper, they weren’t liquid as yet.

Cash…previously the undisputed king as we knew it, was now relegated to “a” king.

Why is this important?

Because we are living in a special era where ideas is also a king. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat are all ideas…they exist as an “interface”…turn off the power grid (God forbid because the ramifications are horrendous) and they don’t exist anymore…sobering thought isn’t it?

Ideas are now equal royalty to cash. I believe there’s a monarch (king and queen) idea inside each of us. In fact, God commanded us to replenish the earth, and we know, where God gives a command he also gives the wherewithal to make it happen.

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