Celebrating Liberation

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Celebrating Liberation. The pic above is of the Arch de Triump in Barcelona, there’s equivalent arches in many other countries. The most notorious is in Paris. These arches are a lasting memorial to defining events in a country’s history.

Each successive generation removed from those defining events are required to make a connection themselves or through their family who served at the time.

The most successful generation celebration that has passed through generations has been the restoration of the human race to God; through the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ.

Since Jesus rose front he dead and ascended to Heaven, the good news of salvation and liberation from Sin and death is passed by humans to other humans.

This message of salvation and liberation from sin and death has survived intact for thousands of years. Even the most ferocious attack by Christ deniers have failed and continue to fail.

The good news will continue until the world is no more. The most lasting monument to liberation from Sin and death has been setup in our hearts.

Be encouraged…!!

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