Controversy: Freewill and Slavery

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Controversy: Freewill and Slavery. The US, UK and Western Europe over a period of 400 years, violently stole, murdered, raped, tortured, forced into labour…Africans. Many justifications were used including bible verses. Even today, many pastors teach – God doesn’t speak agains slavery…really?

There is something unique about each human on earth – freewill. We exercise it instinctively from birth and throughout our lives.

The enslavement of Africans however justified, in God’s eyes remain feeble because of a few unchanging commandments:

Do not steal. It’s a fact, Africans were stolen from African and forced into enslavement. Their Labour and the labour of their children was also stolen.

Do not murder. The trade in people required murder and torture to enforce compliance.

Let’s just stop at those two, as you can see there is zero justification for depriving those people of their God given freewill – a freewill the enslavers chose to enjoy for themselves – interesting!!

It is not secular to promote freedom and liberty; these enduring values were given to the world by God…!

Be encouraged

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The controversy series addresses some tricky topics most of us avoid or try to explain badly; hopefully with a new or different perspective to the traditional narrative of good and evil.

Interestingly, in a spiritual context – good and evil are branches of the same tree – the tree that leads to death. Confused? Don’t be.

God explains there are two trees. One tree is Life, the other is the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life leads to life; the good and evil tree leads to death. So, let’s clarify – good and evil are on the same tree – the tree that leads to death.

Hence when Christians do linguistic acrobatics to explain their faith and these tricky topics; they are actually speaking from the tree of good and evil – death; and not the tree of life.

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