Controversy: God and Homosexuality

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Controversy: God and Homosexuality. God’s first “command” to Adam and Eve was to procreate, create life, multiply and rule over the earth. Fast forward to today, we are here because Adam and Eve together with countless billions of people through the ages have done one thing – procreate. 

Homosexuality cannot create life – fact.

God has a vision for humans to live in spirit and truth with Him. Unfortunately Adam and Eve put paid to that by defying God. Since then humans are continuously defying God. This defiance is called sin.

This defiance became so great that God decided He would work with a family to remove defiance from the earth and restore holiness. That family was Mr Jacob’s (whose name was changed to Israel).

A condition of being Holy is to live a life designed exclusively by God – and in regards to sex; to be between a man and a woman.

In the 90’s laws have been passed in many countries around the world decriminalising homosexuality – as in a rejection of God’s vision. Then in the 00’s the definition of marriage was changed from being between a man and a woman to being between any two humans – a further rejection of God’s vision.

The society we live in today is secular and it’s good to remember, Paul wrote his letters during a time when the world was ruled by pagan Rome.

The principle of “sin” is a spiritual construct; not a behavioural one. The debate about whether homosexuality is right or wrong is ones Christians should have no problem answering – if they kept their answer spiritual. Problem is they are answering the behaviour in the context of a secular society. Their answer will always be wrong.

The question is; for those who choose God’s vision for living, sex between a man and a woman is what God designed.

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The controversy series addresses some tricky topics most of us avoid or try to explain badly; hopefully with a new or different perspective to the traditional narrative of good and evil.

Interestingly, in a spiritual context – good and evil are branches of the same tree – the tree that leads to death. Confused? Don’t be.

God explains there are two trees. One tree is Life, the other is the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life leads to life; the good and evil tree leads to death. So, let’s clarify – good and evil are on the same tree – the tree that leads to death.

Hence when Christians do linguistic acrobatics to explain their faith and these tricky topics; they are actually speaking from the tree of good and evil – death; and not the tree of life.

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