Controversy: Heaven and Hell

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Controversy: Heaven and Hell. There is a heaven and there is a hell. Contrary to popular teachings, hell was never created for humans, it was and still is a place for angels who defied God. The problem is, many humans will unfortunately be joining those fallen angels because they also have used their freewill to defy God.

There is a heaven; a most awesome place designed by God for us – where we will live forever with God in unity. Personally I can’t wait.

Now when I was a child, hell scared the living daylights out of me. I just couldn’t square the circle of why would such a loving God create such a dreadful place for humans. But I now know that was my miseducation – hell was never created for humans.

It’s God’s desire that every human that has ever walked the earth embraces eternal life. Challenge is, God gave us 100% freewill; many use that freewill to reject the notion of God and set up their own belief system.

What was totally bizarre to me, is that God doesn’t just crash the party and say hey; stop that madness, I am God, I’m real, get a grip!!

Now I know, even if God did that, freewill is so powerful that many would convince themselves that couldn’t be God. I can see why for every generation God sends messengers that will inform that generation who He is. And through signs and wonders declare His glory and power.

Dont be afraid of hell, rather learn to Love as Jesus loves and experience life eternal.

Be encouraged

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The controversy series addresses some tricky topics most of us avoid or try to explain badly; hopefully with a new or different perspective to the traditional narrative of good and evil.

Interestingly, in a spiritual context – good and evil are branches of the same tree – the tree that leads to death. Confused? Don’t be.

God explains there are two trees. One tree is Life, the other is the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life leads to life; the good and evil tree leads to death. So, let’s clarify – good and evil are on the same tree – the tree that leads to death.

Hence when Christians do linguistic acrobatics to explain their faith and these tricky topics; they are actually speaking from the tree of good and evil – death; and not the tree of life.

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