Evolution & Creation are “Faith” Based

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Its accepted by everyone that Creation is a faith based world view because it’s the account provided in the bible. However what non-believers do not accept is that evolution is also based on their faith that gasses turned into life and an explosion created the universe we inhabit.

I’m unashamedly in the creation camp.








Science is a great subject, and fortunately science is great at explaining repeatable events. What scientific theorist “thinkers” have not been able to do is repeat evolution or point to evolution in progress – evolution is accepted claims. No different to creation.

The complexity of a human body cannot be explained by “millions and millions of years”, that would be unacceptable in any other discipline.

Also what is the impact if evolution were true – it means there’s no God and death is the end, so do whatever you wish to.

Fortunately, there is a God, He has a Son, named Jesus and we have exclusive access to God through Jesus the Christ, who was there at the creation of the earth, man and the universe.

Be encouraged.

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