Praying is unleashing the winds of revival

Faith at Work 4/7: Praying is Unleashing Revival in Your Life

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Personal spiritual revival is an awesome experience!! Everyone should experience this continuously in their lives. When we pray from our hearts to the heart of God, we are acknowledging Him and declaring that His ways are better and greater than ours.

We are declaring that the creator of the universe is allowed to unleash the power of His Holy Spirit in our lives. Jesus made a promise, He must go so the comforter (Holy Spirit) must come and He will teach us all things.

The Holy Spirit provides us with the understanding we need to live through faith, enabling our lives to be salt and light on earth. Living through the Holy Spirit is the ultimate life experience on earth any human being can have.

Living through the power that created the heavens and earth and the entire universe with spoken words. You and I have the opportunity to live our lives through that awesome power. This is what we understand unleashing revival in your life to be. This is not a new experience, in every generation, men and women of all ages make a decision to live revival through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today is our turn. Will you be dissuaded by the ridicule of the world or embrace to the call to revival?

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