Praying Builds and Stimulates Your Faith

Faith at Work 5/7: Praying Builds and Stimulates Your Faith

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Faith is explained as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Basically, we have a hope for something for which we have no evidence it will happen. Praying is also an act of faith. A decision to acknowledge God with your heart; speak with Him from your heart, believing that He is eager to listen and respond to you.

The more you pray and experience answers to prayer, the more you will pray. The opposite is also true, because if you don’t ask, its unlikely you will ever experience an answer.  Prayer is an awesome step of faith that further stimulates your faith in the Great I Am.

Allow your faith to grow by praying. You may think I don’t know what to pray for. That’s fine too. Then just thank God for all the things at your disposal and the people He is enabling you to impact on a daily basis. Thank God for your family, thank Him for your friends; your employment; your ability to go on holidays; your ability to get an education or learn a valuable skill. If there’s nothing to ask God for; there’s so much to thank Him for. And each time you pray, your faith is strengthened.

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