Praying Removes Limitations

Faith at Work 6/7: Praying Removes Limitations

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Praying removes limitations, because when praying to God…the Great I Am, you are acknowledging in faith that God can do more than we can think or imagine. So in prayer, we suspend focusing on what is currently happening and focus instead on the outcome we want to experience.

There’s a very good reason for doing this. A problem cannot be solved by focusing on the problem but on the solution…agreed? In prayer, the Holy Spirit will reveal the solution, sometimes before you even start praying – the solution is obvious. Sometimes it may not be what we want to hear…but that’s another topic for another day…

Remember Joshua, when he looked on the battle field, all he could see was fighting. He could of prayed for strength to continue fighting. Instead he prayed for the sun and the moon to stand still, to enable the battle to be won that day.

Awesome prayer!! When we are faced with what may seem to be impossible situations. Lets do the same. Lets pray in faith for the outcome we’d like to experience. That’s a solid faith prayer from our hearts; the Word tells us a contrite heart God will not despise.

Lets remove all limitations from our hearts and our prayers and pray in faith; pray for the outcome we want to experience.

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