God Made Beautiful Peace

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True peace is one of the most sought after experiences in life. We all want peace with our decisions; peace in our minds; peace within our families; peace within society. 

True peace is found in Jesus the Christ because He is the prince of peace. And in terms of environments of peacefulness, it doesn’t get better than calm waters…

The famous Psalm 23 opens with – “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want; He makes me to lie in green pastures; He leads me by still waters, He restores my soul

Is it the fact that our human bodies are practically 50-65% water, which is why we find water so calming? I don’t know. But what is universally accepted, is that calm waters gives us peace in our minds, our bodies and our souls.

With Jesus we can live in a state of permanent peace, no matter where we are. Yes, we have to deal with unnecessarily difficult situations at times, but in Christ we are equipped to face them.

Learn about Jesus the prince of peace and experience true peace – that passes all understanding.

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