God Made Beautiful Smells

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If you haven’t taken time to contemplate the variety and infinite natural smells that exist – you should. Now that’s apart from the wonderful smells we create. 

Nature and our awesome environment contains smells; many are pleasant, others you may interpret as offensive. However you behold these aromas one thing is true, God provides us with amazingly beautiful smells.

I repeat my mantra – I simply cannot accept these smells have evolved over millions and millions and millions of years…that it all started from a friendly explosion of gasses…that miraculously turned into matter, from which plants of every kind appears – a perfect mistake. Come on!!!

Nature is screaming out – aren’t I beautiful? I am the creation for your enjoyment by an awesome creator – the Almighty God.

I’m used to atheists friend’s calling me stupid for believing a fairy tale. I respond. Then both are fairy tales, because your story just replaces God with explosions, mistakes and the perfect continuous repetition of chance.

Whatever you choose to believe, I sincerely hope you are enjoying the natural smells of this earth.

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