God Made Beautiful Views

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Do you enjoy the views in your location? If not, start today. You may think you’re too busy, but time spent “appreciating” is time invested in your inner man or woman. 

Appreciating is one of the very few things we can do that’s not about us; but it’s about the thing or person we are beholding.

When last have you paid someone who didn’t deserve a complement, a complement? Off course I know it’s hard and possible sending the wrong message. But think of the opposite; not complementing reinforces all the negative stereotypes that leads to destructive approaches to living.

It’s worth appreciating and complementing, especially when the person does not deserve it.

And no you’re not being untruthful. When we speak our words deliver life or death…there’s no middle ground, no grey area. Life or death.

So spiritually, when you speak a complement where it may not be deserved, you are speaking life into that situation.

From today, develop an appreciative approach and complement everyone so that you only speak life.

Be encouraged

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