God Made Everything Beautiful

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A few weeks ago I found myself speaking a truth without much love…for that I am really sorry. The truth was “because you don’t value something, doesn’t mean it’s not important”.

As true as that may be; delivery is the key. My wife always tells me it’s not what you say Roy it’s how you say it… note to self about emotional intelligence..!!

God created everything and the word tells us he verdict on everything was… it was good. Today we may appreciate some things and not others so much. Whatever our perspective, God has done an awesome job!!

God has made everything beautiful…take a moment and behold what God has done and it’s amazing. In addition to giving us an unimaginable habitat; he has included everything within that haabitat we need to make everything we need, want and desire.

Take a minute during your busy day and behold what God has done. From commodities – all sourced from the earth; to manguafctured goods and even the virtual world…everything finds its being in everything God created.

Thank you Lord God for making everything so beautiful.

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