God Makes Beautiful Friendships

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Imagine your life without friends… Ok, if you’re from a large close fun loving family, you’re the exception. The rest of us from 2.0 and only child families are freaking out in our minds…

God created us to be in relationship with Him and others – in our immediate and wider family. Friendships are awesome things. I love the feeling of having people I can be myself with. No words can express.

Today, my wife is my best friend and she’s an awesome best friend. I literally tell her everything, sometimes she doesn’t want to hear it – “too much information Roy”, but I can’t help it – I need to talk to my best friend.

In the bible there’s a story of Jonathan the prince and David an anointed king. They made for odd friends. You see Jonathan was the son of the king – king Saul. What’s more, he Jonathan would become king after his father.

The transparency of their friendship is so fascinating because Jonathan knew about God anointing David king.

Value your friendships.

Be encouraged.

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