Gods plan for creation is LOVE

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God has only one plan for creation and for the salvation of man, and that is LOVE. If it does not make sense don’t worry, read on.

Which eyes do you use to see? Self focused or God’s spiritual focused?

Self focused, we relate literally everything, whether we have full knowledge or not, to ourselves first. “I don’t think I’d like that; that does not sound right; that must be wrong; why would God allow these things to happen, if he loves us?”

God’s spiritual focus, we relate everything literally to God first and rely on God to provide the understanding on which to make decisions. This is supported by Jesus’s instructions to his disciples – I must go so that the comforter must come and he will teach you all things.

So the way you see will directly determine how you understand God and relate to world events in general.

With our natural eyes love is an emotion which is to some extent controlled, based on how the object of our love affections behave towards us; acceptable behaviour = I love you; unacceptable behaviour = I’m not sure if I love you anymore.

With this self-focused seeing capability, its easy to then “can’t see why God allows bad things to happen”, because if you were God you would not allow bad things to happen. What would you do? If God stopped people from performing every bad deed, how do they get to learn to love God? They don’t.

Now lets open our spiritual eyes – Lord open my spiritual eyes to see things as you see them.

Lets start with illuminating four things:

  • Authority
  • Love
  • Repentance
  • Faith

God has ultimate authority over every thing and will at the appointed judgement, call all things to account. God created man (male and female humans) to live with him, so that we can be his people and he can be our God. God’s plan is to achieve all things through a love relationship.

God’s only strategy is LOVE, with our spiritual eyes open, we can immediately recognise this. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever should believe on him, should not perish, but inherit eternal life.

God loves us and offers the gift of eternal life, we in turn have a choice, accept the gift and love him in return or not. It’s that simple. However remember, if we reject the gift, there’s a judgement day approaching, where we’ll be asked to account.

When we open our eyes and see how we have “abused” God’s love, it’s natural to feel guilty and say sorry, the spiritual term is repentance. Repentance is more than saying sorry, it’s acknowledgment of Gods ways and making a commitment to realign ‘my’ choices to God.

Many people use the common line, until I see God, I will not believe there’s a God. Question, if you had ultimate authority, who summons who?

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