Have Non-negotiable’s in Your Life 2

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Non-negotiable principles for living has consequences – many friends, family and other people won’t like you. So if you don’t like upsetting people, stop reading this now. Having non-negotiable principles will lead to someone challenging you – you’ll have to stand firm.

My wife and I have been challenged many times over the years about the principles we live by – those challenges have come from both family and friends. Some family members have gone as far as to break our principles in our own home…!!

What would you do? Let it slide…? We stood firm, we faced the challenge and enforced the principles of our home.

The interesting thing is; everyone has principles about how they live. Most people just think their principles are the best and insist on living by their in your home. That’s all.

The decision to enforce or not is not an easy one. If you enforce, you’re likely to upset the person and you risk coming across as a poor host. On the other hand letting things slide, can result in you having to grin a bear things which is grieving you to your soul.

From our experience, maintain your principles.

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