Have Non-negotiables in Your Life

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Do you have things in your life that are non-negotiables? Yes. Great. No? You need to start. Non-negotiables are necessary to ensure you focus on the Way you want to live.

My wife and I have non-negotiables for our family; a small one for our home – it’s a no shoes home. All shoes remain in an area by the door.

Many of our guests love it; we provide a basket with slippers of different sizes. However a few guests took offence. One lady was rocking some serious heels, she looked amazing in them. We maintained our non-negotiable, she wasn’t happy.

My wife’s uncle was the funniest, he complained all evening that we made him take his shoes off. He want joking. He’s been back and each time he comments at the door, “shoes off”.

In addition to the obvious benefits of our staircase carpets and wood floors looking fresh after 10 years use; what’s more important is this – we are living the way we want to.

Maintaining non-negotiables requires discipline and fearlessness. If you make a safe place for fear in your life, you will negotiate your principles, which leads to all sorts of problems.

So whether you maintain or not; know this, there are no consequence-free decisions. We are happy to deal with the consequence of people being upset with us for taking their shoes off.

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