History and Legacy

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This picture is of the Collesium in Rome and monument to great “games”. These games were murder games on an industrial scale. Men were brought from every corner of the world to die horrid deaths for entertainment.

One boast of the games under Emperor Nero, is that in one day 10,000 people were slaughtered.

When they ran out of people to kill, and the Roman economy wasn’t doing too well. Nero blamed Christians and guess what, they were slaughtered in “games” to. Today a cross stands within the Collesium to remember the countless many Christians who were slaughtered there.

When you look at the Collesium, what do you see? Do you beam with pride at the architecture. Wonder at how a less advanced civilisation could achieve such a feat. Marvel at how they could hoist those massive stones on each other.

Do you contemplate the ghastly purpose of this place. Murder on an industrial scale in the name of entertainment.

A few hundred years before the Collesium, in another part of the Roman Empire. A special man was crucified in the name of Rome by those wanting to maintain a status quo.

God as Man, laying down His life to restore all mankind to himself. Awesome! The Collesium is 100% history. Jesus is 100% legacy.

Be encouraged.

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