How do you See People: Flaws or Faithfulness?

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We miss the faithfulness and fruitfulness of people; and focus in on their flaws. We elevate certain “visible sins” to such a height that we take flight from the person at the appearance of any impropriety. Have you shunned others because of their “wilful sinning”; or were shunned because you “fell”; or because you made a bad decision? Here’s some pain medicine. Be encouraged. 

First let me say this, I am not trivialising or minimising sin in any way. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ died and rose from the dead so our sins can be forgiven. Sin is a very very serious issue. 

Two things about sin. First, Jesus died once for all sin. Second, God said we can master sin (rather than sin mastering us – Genesis 4:7). 

We are so afraid of sin (which we are commanded not to fear); that we embrace misleading definitions of sin which leads us to excommunicate faithful people because of their “visible” sins or flaws.

Our ability to embrace spiritual judgement is shockingly bad. At the sight of a character flaw in a brother or sister we reach into our bag of labels and attach one to the person – backslider, carnal, lazy, etc. And yes these labels are actually used to describe our own brothers and sisters, people who believe in the name of Jesus but who like many before, are struggling with issues of life…!!

We repeat handed down definitions of “sin” without question; we know deep down they don’t quite explain what sin is but we respect those in spiritual hierarchy and hold them in high esteem, that we don’t question their explanations. 

Any definition of sin that relates to standards, marks, doing wrong things etc – are NOT explaining what sin is. The enemy needs us to maintain these non-spiritual understandings of sin – which is working. Sorry if that offends you. 

Sin is a spiritual construct, the above explanations (standards, marks, wrong things), are helpful but are just human reasonings, not spiritual revelation. 

Sin – is the absence of God ie breaking the first commandment to Love God. I repeat, sin – is the absence of God. I repeat, sin – is the absence of God. Whenever God is absent, sin is present. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” Psalms 150:6

Sin abounds when we do not include God in everything we do. Literally. That’s why our very nature is sinful. 

However, despite our sinful nature, God chooses faithfulness over flaws. God chose Abraham and made a promise to Him while Abraham was still a worshiper of idols – ie living in sin. Let that sink in!!

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. Psalms 37:5-6 | NIV

Now consider, God begins to vindicate your trust in Him on you committing your ways to him. Let that sink in. The vindication starts in the present…like immediately!!

Hence, a misunderstanding of sin leads even the most respected bishops, prophets and pastors to see flaws over faithfulness. It’s why we excommunicate faithful (yes faithful) people from the church because we look at their flaws and not their faithfulness. 

Church splits and people “leaving silently” are signals informing us we have a “flaws” focus, not a “faithfulness” focus. 

So, whenever you observe what you believe to be a flaw in a brother, sister, elder, pastor; do these two things. First, are they faithful in a area of their service? Whether yes or no – think – your Agape love can cover a multitude of sins. Second, pray for them to put God first – in every thing. Be encouraged 

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