How the Fear of Failing, can Result in Us Relying on our Knowledge, Rather than the Holy Spirit…!!

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How the Fear of Failing, can Result in Us Relying on our Knowledge, Rather than the Holy Spirit…!!

Are you afraid if you “fall” that potentially you will go to hell? If you are struggling with fear of failing, and what that can mean, be encouraged.

The Word tells us that it is not God’s will that “any” should perish. Ok ok, I also understand that other fear of – people doing as they please. But living with the fear of falling carries its own risks too, which previous generations have ignored, and has led them to rely on their knowledge of what’s right and wrong (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), rather than the Holy Spirit (the tree of life – Jesus Christ). Be encouraged!!!

Let’s start with a Moses event. God once told Moses to tap the rock to get water, he did and out came beautiful water. Everyone’s happy with the provision of God. The next time they needed water, God said speak to the rock, guess what Moses did…he tapped the rock….that clearly worked the last time..surely God has made mistake, tapping the rock is what brings out beautiful water!!

Imagine if you were the people watching Moses, he is the man of God, he must know what he is doing, doesn’t he!!

In that spilt second, Moses disobeyed God…he actually disobeyed a 100% crystal clear command of God to speak to the rock, instead he tapped the rock.

Could our Christian walk share this form of “passive disobedience”? That we are relying on what we “know and experienced” rather than the voice of God through His Holy Spirit? From this Moses event, we can see, God doesn’t have to do the same thing in the same way twice to please you and me.

Fear can cause us to make choices which are based on our knowledge (well that’s how it happened the last time) rather than the Holy Spirit. Could this be the reason why many say “I don’t know what God’s will is for my life”. Well is it really that God is keeping His will a secret from you or is it the case that you may not be listening or worse yet, ignoring and as a result, disobeying God?

This passive disobedience prevents God from demonstrating through us that He is the God of all things and the God for every generation.

Imagine God providing water with a tap of the rock, then the next time by speaking to the rock, aren’t you excited to see how God will bring forth water the next time? I am. But in fear we resort to what God did the “last time”. Which totally disappoints Him.

Well as we can see with Moses, God didn’t want to do what He did the last time…He wants to do something new…!!!! Furthermore, what is important, the process (tapping or speaking to the rock) or the outcome – water? Get excited about the right thing – the water!!!!

Fear can cause us to judge perfectly harmless actions as sinful, and can blind us from looking at the heart as God does. In my early days of attending ECC, a really nice lady stopped me and blessed me, then asked me who I was. I replied I’m Jesus’s brother. Needless to say that didn’t go down well with her. She demanded I repent…!!!

Well I didn’t, if salvation makes me a joint heir with Christ, that means I’m His brother, simple. But this wonderful lady was in the grip of fear and possibly learnt/taught that any personalised use of Jesus’s name was wrong. The word says blaspheming is wrong.

So, let’s break the stranglehold of fear over our lives in the name of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit reign free. When that happens, we need to use spiritual eyes to interpret what is actually happening. We cannot simply judge from what our physical eyes see.

I hear and understand the warnings about being careful, but Jesus kept repeating to His own, “be not afraid”. He repeated “do not be afraid” because He knows how dangerous fear is; he also understands fear has two branches – a good brand and an evil branch, but both of those branches are on the wrong tree…the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…!!

The perfect choice is Life.

Be encouraged

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