How the Name of Jesus Causes Offence

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In the sauna, a really nice man and his wife started speaking to me and the conversation went from holidays to health then to fitness and finally to breathing – yes inhaling and exhaling.

The husband explained to me in detail how Hindu religious practice helps with healing the body, I listened. He explained how breathing is very important and recently he attended the funeral of a Hindu man who taught him how to breath properly. 

He continued; part of the process requires breathing to a beat in tune to 1 2 3, 3 2 1. Then he replaced 1, 2, 3 with the name of a god and said I should try it. I replied I would need to replace [name of their god] with Jesus Christ. He replied categorically – “No, it’s not supposed to be religious”.

I think I had one of those – face spoke before my brain and speech engaged moment

I interjected with “Why Not…surely [name of the god] is a religious figure, I will use Jesus, what’s wrong with that?” He then said, “Ok if you don’t want to say [name of the god] just say 1 2 3 instead”. 

I wasn’t in front of a mirror, but the way he looked at me, I knew the look on my face, had to be one of incredulity. In that moment, I had a conversation with myself – if I want to use Jesus, that’s my choice, what’s wrong with this man

Needless to say the conversation didn’t continue for much longer. He left to return to the sauna and I left to get ready. But I couldn’t stop thinking about his statements, and at the same time thinking about the great commission.

While walking out of the sports centre, my heart broke…wow, this man is one of billions who need to learn about Jesus the Christ. It dawned on me that his instruction did not come from an evil place in himself – he just doesn’t know how awesome Jesus is.

We need to say Yes to Jesus the Christ and Yes to the great commission to make disciples. The other side is making disciples and they are not taking NO for an answer. 

You need to say Yes – whether it’s for the first time or whether you have previously said yes, you’ve got to say Yes again to the great commission. Why say yes again? Because it’s a great thing to stop, take stock and remind yourself why you’re doing this and get stuck in again.

Be encouraged. 

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