How to Armour Up

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It’s easy to get excited when reading Ephesians 6:16…put on the full armour of God so that you can stand against the devils schemes… It’s easy to think “I’m protected”. However, can it be that we have armour, but are not actually protected? The bible is correct, the spiritual armour does protect us. However, just having armour isn’t enough. Paul writes….put it on!

Armour is for those willing to fight; willing to be in the middle of the battle; willing to face the enemy, knowing that you are directly in the firing line; willing to use the armour to absorb the attacks that the enemy will rain down on you. Therefore “armour” requires your willingness to use it.

Put it on!

David tried to use Saul’s physical armour, he couldn’t. Davids armour was different to Saul’s, and Davids weapon of choice was different also.

This is an example of ensuring we are tuned into Jesus and not be copies of others. To onlookers, David may have looked vulnerable facing Goliath. Thinking, David must be mad. However the wisdom of God seems foolish to man. So don’t ever think you are not as strong as another, just because they are covered in their armour. That may be how God wants them to fight. Your situation may be entirely different, allow God to be God in your life.

The purpose of armour is to protect the warrior who is in the MIDDLE of the battle.

In the middle of battle. In the middle of battle. The armour absorbs attacks without the wearer being injured. Armour is useless if you’re at a dinner table. Armour isn’t valuable if we shy away from the battle. It’s like having a passport but never using it to travel. It’s not serving it’s purpose.

In the same way, we can have the armour but shy away at every opportunity to fight. Instead we lament our position…oh I have opposition at work…you don’t understand what I have to put up with every day…I pray to God to remove my boss! Armour up. We can absorb all manner of attacks… because we have on the armour! That’s what it’s for.

I agree it’s not the easiest place to be, in the midst of the battle, but it’s the place we are every day of our lives. In the midst of spiritual warfare. At work, at home, in our social life, we simply cannot avoid spiritual warfare. That is what the armour is for. To enable us to wage war against the powers of darkness at ever turn, every opportunity to show the light of Jesus Christ and his awesome ability to change the world through love.

I’m not naive to think loving your enemy is easy. Loving your boss who is making your life difficult, I know it’s not easy and I also know it’s not the first thing on your mind when being victimised.

I had a recent experience where an incident occurred, at a client site, between two of the clients employees. Instead of the person responsible for creating the issue, simply apologising to the other, they concocted a story that I was the one who created the offence. Needless to say, managers were on the war path to make an example of me for supposedly treating a client in this despicable way.

I asked some brothers to join me in prayer, they did.

At the hearing all I had to do is speak the truth and leave the rest to God. The person making the allegation did not attend to substantiated his claims. The victim confirmed I have no involvement. However, instead of dropping the case – becauase the truth has come to light, the manager extended the remit of the investigation to see whether there was anything else I can be disciplined for. He found office gossip and presented it to me as a reason for a 360 degree peer evaluation.

I asked him one question. “Let me understand this correctly, you are asking me to accept a peer review on the basis of comments you heard around the office”. I think it may have been the first time he actually understood what he was doing…he became fiercely angry to a degree that the meeting had to be brought to a close. The case was also closed.

The beauty of wearing the armour is that it helps you survive an attack.

At the end of the battle you may have to rest and resuscitate yourself…but you are alive and the enemy is either significantly weaker than you or is no more. Which means you have overcome, through he Lord using the spiritual armour.

So brothers and sisters, do not be afraid of warfare, know that you have the armour that can protect you at every turn. Be vigilant and use your armour where it’s most effective…in the middle of the battle.

Let’s behave like warriors of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and stand firm, wearing the full armour. Off course it’s difficult, but it’s rewarding to see souls saved for Jesus. It’s rewarding to see people accept that love conquers evil every time. We are the ones that must show the world this is totally possible, right here on earth today.

Be encouraged

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