How To Be Free of Guilt

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How To Be Free of Guilt. “Confess your sins one to another” is one of those practical instructions, the benefit of which can elude us. When I first heard that statement, I chuckled inside. My thoughts were, if they think I’m going to tell people the things I’ve done, they are joking.

Who goes around confessing their sins to anyone?

Well then I had an experience where something I had been guarding for a long time, I confessed and could not believe what happened.

A miracle happens when we confess our sins one to another. A miracle that frees us from guilt and enables us to overcome that situation, it doesn’t matter what that might be.

Here's how it works, simplified.

Let’s briefly cover, what is a sin? Sin “is” separation from God, essentially its choosing to do life without God.

There’s an interesting verse in Deuteronomy which talks about unknown sin…unknown!!! It means we have the potential to engage in things that we are unaware that god is not part of.

So confessing sins is about confessing things where God was not involved. And we confess these things one to another, so it means everyone should have someone who they confess sins to.

Ok, so what happens?

Confessing is the opposite of not confessing, not confessing is the same as keeping secrets. So confessing means keeping no secrets. Why does God not want us to keep secrets? There has to be a good reason.

Keeping secrets may on the surface seem natural and something that everyone does. Well secrets can be dangerous things as they can be a self imposed prison.

Keeping secrets forces us to modify our behaviour and decision making. But when you confess that sin, the power that secret had over you is immediately broken. That’s the miracle!!!

So let it out, don’t let anything have power over you.

Be encouraged

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