How to be Star

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God created stars and located them at unique points within the universe. When it’s daylight we don’t see them, however at night their reveal their splendour and point to an almighty creator God. Ok one harrowing fact about a star is that it is surrounded in complete darkness, yet it maintains its purpose and shines. Are you ready to be a star? Be encouraged.

In the West we can generally endure reasonable hardship, because  in the back of our minds, there’s a get-out. We can “go home” or there’s a plan B.

Paul who wrote the New Testament was an interesting character with regard to “home”. He never wrote of going home at any point. His life was on the road to a church or jail or from a church or jail. Paul didn’t live with a Plan B. 

Jesus came to earth with a Plan A and completed that plan. When the enemy influenced Peter to distract him with “nice” words, he rebuked the enemy – “get thee behind me Satan”. Jesus understood His journey, the risks he faced, being prepared to meet them and face them down. 

Perhaps now you’re having second thoughts about being a star? Try not to. There’s glory being the only light in darkness where you are. 

There’s glory in the knowledge that God has populated the universe with stars to lead sea travellers to safety when they make use of the stars. 

You may not understand why you are in such a dark place. You may be shouting out to God for release. You may be praying every day, fasting and laying your case to God and nothing seems to be happening. 

There could be a very good reason for that. You are a star and darkness is your natural habitat. A star in light is as useful as a chocolate pen in sunlight. 

To help us understand this better, answer this question. Who’s kingdom are you in – your own or God. You’re a good Christian so you answered – God’s. Good. 

Now if you’re in God’s kingdom and you are a star, why are you complaining about the darkness? It makes no sense “if” you are in God’s kingdom. We can only complain if In fact we are in our own kingdom or we are rebellious….!! Ouch 

Imagine if all the stars said to God, enough with this darkness, we’re off to hang out with the sun for a while. Then they left. What happens to the ship captain who looks up in need of confirmation he’s heading in the right direction?

What happens to the farmer, who uses the alignment of the stars to inform his decisions to plant? Literally mayhem would occur. 

You and I are stars, our natural habitat is light in darkness. A star cannot be light within light. For a star to shine through in light, is exactly what lucifer tried to do. Reflecting the light of our Glorious God was not enough for him. 

Don’t follow those desires, know that God has placed you strategically to be most effective. Be a star, enjoy your habitat, continue reflecting the light of God, continue being a light in a dark world, continue leading the lost home. 

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