How To Do Leadership… When YOU are NOT in Leadership

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In “How to Do Leadership…For better Result”, we looked at 10 skills and how they can help us achieve better results. In part 2 let’s look at Leadership for people who are not in leadership positions. Yes, leadership for those NOT in leadership positions.

You work in teams – big and small, but you’ve never been promoted as “leader / manager”, in fact you may love what you’re doing so much that you’re happy to continue without the title.  In other words, you do not lead your cell group or ministry, you don’t manage a team at work, don’t captain the football or netball team, not the worship leader, not the steward supervisor, you’re one of the team. Keep reading!!

How can I lead without being the “leader”? Conventional wisdom tells us, leaders lead and followers follow. Well, spiritually, this is completely different. When led by the spirit, you will accomplish things conventional wisdom will not comprehend. Let’s look at a few ways in which we can lead without being the leader.

Be an Example of Achievement (Matt 5:16)

Now, this is totally different to boasting. Remember the phrase ‘do all things as onto God’, well this is the same as the saying, let your good works shine before men that they may glorify your Father in heaven. This is the highest level of competence!! Would you agree?

Imagine…how you live among brothers and sisters, and with those in the world will make them glorify our Father in heaven…what!!!

This is not about preaching, bible bashing or scaring people into heaven. This is about being so competent at your “work”, being an example (leader) which many will happily follow. The world is obsessed with role models (leaders). Anyone that achieves any form of ‘celebrity’ is now a role model to others, for no other reason than they are in the public eye. When we complete tasks based on 100% faith in God, you will stand out. And people will see that Jesus is alive and can only glorify God.

However, if you only follow orders, in other words just do things because you’ve been asked, then you really shouldn’t expect a medal or any special acknowledgement. Why? Simple, you’ve done what’s been asked of you, nothing more. The light needs to shine!! There is nothing wrong with doing exactly what’s been asked, however its questionable whether those works will “shine” before men that they may glorify your Father in heaven. So when following orders,  engage the Holy Spirit and let your achievement shine so that many will glorify your Father…the ultimate role model and leader. Lead.


You can maintain two things, (1) spirit integrity or the (2) status quo. Spiritual integrity is about doing all things being guided by the Holy Spirit. The status quo is about maintaining things how its always been done, or in a manner that’s acceptable to leadership or that will not ruffle feathers. Spiritual integrity requires selfless faith. Faith to be completely open-minded about God and what he wants to accomplish through your life. As an example, read Exodus 17:6 and Numbers 20:6-12, re Moses, the rock, the rod, speaking and water.

God wanted to bring about the same result…water, by two completely different methods. First Moses had to strike the rock, then he was instructed to speak to the rock. As we can see, its vitally important to keep an open mind about Gods ways. Same experience, same results, different approach. God’s view on the matter was that Moses and Aaron didn’t trust Him, they trusted the “previous method” over God’s present instructions.

Work by being led by the holy spirit, in every little thing, no matter how insignificant or no matter how well you think you know what should be done. Then your light will shine before men. Lead.

Sort it Out…According to Gods Instructions

We cannot avoid disputes. Fact. No matter how circumspect you live, disputes and issues and problems will arise and they require sorting out immediately. Saying nothing, can be as hurtful to the other person as saying something hurtful. How many times have you heard, “all he/she had to do was say something”.

We feel things, sense things…which many believe ‘must be true’ because they feel it. The reality is, that our feelings or what we sense, are not fact….sorry. I attend loads of meetings, at work, church, community and I never cease to be amazed how ‘people’ believe their feelings and “sensing”, are “fact”. They discuss feelings at meetings which is bizarre and worse yet, make decisions on those feelings. Emmmmmm.

Silence is a good dispute buster, but its no good at resolving the dispute. To resolve disputes you need to use words…kind words, forgiving words, understanding words, uplifting words. Saying something pleasant after a dispute is hard, pride kicks in…it wasn’t my fault. But be the one to put the Holy Spirit resolution on the table. Be the one to make peace…because blessed are the peace “makers”, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Silence cannot make peace, words of peace make peace. Lead.

So, leadership for those not in leadership is about being outstanding in everything you do, through the power of the Holy Spirit that’s in you and all of us. No one can fill your shoes on the earth, no one!! That means you are here for a purpose to lead in that area. For I know the plans I have for YOU.

Now go Lead.

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