How to Enjoy The Table Spread in the Midst of Your Enemies

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How to Enjoy The Table Spread in the Midst of Your Enemies.¬†Psalm 23 brings much needed comfort…it’s one of those awesome feel-good psalms that restores a sense of purpose.

However, have we actually taken the time to review how harrowing, living through Psalm 23 actually is; in particular verse 5 – “you prepare for me a table, in the midst of my enemies”. Eh hem…in their midst…? As in the middle of them…? Like smack bang in the middle of people who hate me? Be encouraged.

When we face troubles, our human instinct wants the troubles gone!! However we are commanded to speak things the way we want them to be from the spirit into the flesh.

So it’s easy to declare the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. It’s lovely….honestly. But verse 5 has my head spinning still. I’ve worked with people who hate me, who have worked actively in my face to get me fired; the last place I want to sit at a table, is in their midst.

As a consultant, I worked away from home and normally we all go to dinner together. In fact I avoided dinner with those colleagues who were making my life a living hell.

Now let’s consider Psalm 23:5 “you prepare for me a table” – I’m sure like me you are totally up for that part; however the next part not so much…”in the midst of my enemies” – this is a whole different ball game.

Have you tried hanging around people you don’t like? It’s not easy, it’s a burden…every nerve in your body tingles; you may even feel physically sick. If the issue is at work, waking up in the morning is a chore. If at home getting back late is the preferred option…

Do you pray the “come against” and the “do not let…” prayers. Let’s factor in Psalm 23:5 – if you are sitting at a table in the midst of your enemies – what’s the message God is sending to your enemies with your presence? Are we more than conquerors?

By avoiding the table in the midst of our enemies – “by coming against”; we potentially are also resisting God wanting to manifest His holy power through us. In other words – defying God…!!

I know it’s not easy. Jesus even prayed for the Father to consider letting this cup pass from Him – but followed through with God’s will. In Jesus’s case his mission was to die and be the resurrection from the dead into eternal life and provide us with direct access to God through His sacrifice.

When you are in the midst of people who don’t particularly like you; they may even hate you. Remember Psalm 23:5 “you prepare for me a table, in the midst of my enemies”.

While sitting at that table the Lord has spread for you. No matter what your eyes see…be very bold in your thinking because; “all things work for good for those that love the Lord” – and you love the Lord.

The Lord is our deliverer and our provider; many times we need to remain in the discomfort to experience His deliverance and provision. Avoiding the challenge of being light in darkness, fails everyone looking to the light in you.

Be encouraged.

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