How To Experience 90% Of My Income, Covering 100% Of My Outgoings

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Everyone on earth can and should experience this fantastic miracle. Its the miracle of how 90% of your income can cover 100% of your outgoings. That’s right. I haven’t made a mistake. 90% covers 100%. I agree, “those maths don’t add up”. Correct. That’s why is a miracle!! When you experience this miracle, you will believe that ALL things are possible. That’s why you have to “experience” this miracle.

God is the most generous being in all creation. And its part of his nature to give. Because “giving” is what sustains everything. For there to be food, previous food hs to die to produce the seeds to plant, to grow more food. Creation is screaming out LIFE gives LIFE. God wants us to be like Him…giving life to everyone and everything around us.

So, it starts with God saying his sun rises on the just and unjust; he references the birds of the air and how beautifully He makes them; and makes a profound statement about how much more He will do for us. All this God said BEFORE he asks us to follow His giving example….!!!

Demonstrate, That You TRUST God

God demonstrates He trusts us, by “giving” us freewill. Yes, the biggest sign of trust is no-control or FREEWILL. Imagine, we can choose to do whatever we choose…to walk in blessings or not. By choosing to “follow” in faith, we have an opportunity to demonstrate we trust God with our freewill. Now, in many cases, 100% of your salary before tax cannot even cover your outgoings, much less after tax…then another 10% LESS in your pocket can seem a step beyond logic. But we’re dealing with the power that spoke the world into being!! So, you’ve done your calculations and you cannot afford to give 10% of your income. Fact. Good. Now more than ever you need experience the greatest miracle of provision on earth, do the illogical thing and give 10% of your earnings into the offering bucket.

Ok, Done it, When does the Miracle Happen?

Immediately. Each of our circumstances are different, God is busy making a way where there’s no way for you, now that you have demonstrated that you trust him above your circumstances.

In my miracle experience, a catalogue of events happened. My eyes were opened to how I was wasting money. The waste adds up, you will be surprised. Over a short period of time, I realised I had lost the desire for much of the “things” I used to waste money on. In all areas of financial decision making, I was changing – instead applying wisdom, thinking things through instead of buying on impulse. So much so, that within 3 years, my 5 figure personal debt was completely gone, paid off.

God Works Perfectly, Don’t Undo His Work

Now, a word of warning, try not to undo the work God is doing. I know you won’t do that on purpose. Here’s what it can look like. You want an affordable mortgage. You speak it to be in the spirit realm. Then a bank or mortgage advisor offers you a mortgage at a high interest rate – just about affordable now, but totally unaffordable if interest rates rise. You start praising God for making a way. Stop. Is this God’s way or the enemy? In 2008 Wifie and I were in this exact position. In my spirit I was convinced we had to find a variable rate product. But the banks were pulling their variable rates off the market. One high street bank manger told us – you will never find what you’re looking for, take this fixed rate one now – it ws at 5.5% fixed for 2 years. We prayed and prayed. One day our mortgage broker called, gave us a website address and said “don’t know how this happened, but this certain bank has literally just put a variable 1.76% above base, rate online”. We applied, were approved. Within 6 months, our monthly mortgage payments dropped by over 30% as interest rates dropped to 0.5%. God is busy, don’t undo His good work, have patience, enjoy the process, enjoy the miracle experience.

Isn’t That Selfish?

God said test me (him) in this and see if he wouldn’t open the storehouse of heaven. God wants our ends to meet. And by trusting God, we move more and more into living in spirit and truth. Jesus said, if my Word abide in you and you abide in me, ask for whatever you want and it shall be so. I can hear your alarm bells ringing. The operative word is “abide”. With Jesus’s Word abiding in you, you won’t ask for selfish things…!!

Giving or tithe, whichever word you use, is one of those little things we do which demonstrates who we trust. Choose to trust God.

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