How to Experience Spiritual Growth Serving

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Serving is great, serving is challenging; can be a chore, but changes the world… serving is the greatest opportunity a Christian will ever have, and we get countless opportunities every day! The challenges of serving, often disguise the opportunities and rewards. After reading these truths, the next time you are faced with serving “opportunities”, smile and bring change to the world, where you are.

Allow other’s to take credit…!!

I’ve heard someone say…”Perhaps in church, but not at work, you don’t understand the people I work with…”. It is difficult to allow someone else to take the credit, especially when you are the one who came up with the idea in the first place, when you are the one who took the initiative.

Well there’s good news. God wants us to perform our work unto HIM not ourselves. That way, HE gets an opportunity to make us the very best at what we do.

It’s true, God has called us to be the head and not the tail, but what does this mean in practice? In human biology, the body is led by the head, the heart motivates, but ultimately the head decides. This raises the question, can we lead without being in charge. The simple answer is yes.

Trump may be the president, but he relies on his specialist leaders around him. Learn to lead without being in charge, and work so God gets the credit and don’t worry about who gets credit on earth. We can do this, because we understand our advancements are from God only.

Responsibility, Control and Management are completely different skills.

When serving, it’s important to understand “how” each of these – responsibility, control and management are exercised.

We’ve all got experiences and views on how our managers manage, but through God we can flourish under any management style.

So, your boss is controlling and wants to micro manage every detail of both their and your responsibilities… I agree its not ideal, buts it’s not a big problem!! Resist getting frustrated and judging them.

For example, serve your boss with the information to help their decision making. Don’t worry that they are never satisfied. Keep serving as unto God. You don’t know what fears’ your boss is living with, which drives them to micro manage. Your role is to serve and as a result grow, and in the process enable your boss to grow too.

Integrity Integrity Integrity

Most human decisions are based on fear rather than faith, which makes it easy to pay lip service to those in charge. Keep your head down; always saying the ‘right’ things and blend in.

All these things may get you recognised as a ‘team player’ of sorts, but you won’t ever be trusted. Walking the integrity road will make you unpopular, that’s right, unpopular, especially with managers used to calling the shots.

I remember being once told, “we don’t do things like that round here…”. This is simply ‘controlling’ human nature at work. Don’t worry, stay on integrity road.

Compromise, even a small one, ‘always’ backfires.

Integrity is hard work, it requires attention to detail, having all the facts, analysing and coming up with God centred recommendations, and most of all, never blaming others even if its their fault.

With integrity as your friend, you are free to tell the truth because you want your department and organisation to experience righteous outcomes.

God told the Israelites that through them the whole world shall be blessed. As children of that promise, our integrity at work is the first of many blessings others will experience through us.

Start… grow fast from today, with a new approach to serving.

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