How to Forgive and Be Happy

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Sometimes we can forgive and remain bitter, forgive but not forget, forgive and be vengeful, forgive and feel like a victim, forgive and be angry. You know what I mean… Someone has done you wrong and you forgave them in Jesus’ name (honestly), but you will never speak with them again or never trust them again, sounds familiar? This type of forgiveness is very common in and outside the church. Be encouraged

People may be legitimately hurt but perhaps really do not understand how forgiveness works. Instead we can be deceived into adopting a form of bitterness masquerading itself as righteous anger. I’ve heard this phrase but don’t understand it in the context of Love – 1 Corinthians 13:5…love keeps no record of wrong!! One of the keys to understanding true forgiveness is in this question – who is “in charge” of my life now?

The good Christian answer is “Jesus”, but do we understand the consequences to allowing Jesus full control? Since accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, we are now no longer under our own authority; we are under God’s Authority now.

Here’s how it works and why it’s important to understand. In all things; in dealings with family, friends, strangers and colleagues, we are under God’s authority. Therefore everything we do, God should approve it, it’s part of achieving “HIS” kingdom come and “HIS” will be done. Now if that is the case, like Jesus, we are about our Father’s business, therefore anyone who provides obstacles to you, is actually not offending you, but God, as you are not about your-business but your Fathers. Agreed?

We may not accept going to work to earn money as being about Gods business. But everything we do – work, family, friends, neighbours, should be about God’s business. How? Let’s go back to the beginning. Everything we do today has been commanded by God – working, raising a family, having friends, living in a community, upholding God’s law…all are directions given by God.

Our methods may be questionable, but the direction is God’s. So when you are rushing to work, just think for a moment is that contributing to “replenishing the earth…?” I know all too well, taking an offence personally is unavoidable, we’re human, its difficult not too, however its good to understand this, everyone behaves to the degree of their understanding.

If you believe all things ARE possible, then you will behave accordingly. A person who does not understand or believe love is unconditional will find it difficult to love unconditionally. A person who grew up being shouted at thinks its normal to shout at others. But “revenge is mine, I will repay” said the Lord, this was said for very good reason. It releases us from having to take action.

When we can forgive and keep no record of wrong, we accept that God is looking on at all things, listening to all things and will settle all accounts. We accept our role to love in abundance. Remember, people act to the level of their knowledge and understanding. People who don’t understand love, will not understand your love responses…don’t worry. So let go and continue enjoying life to the full – which is what Christ came to give us – abundant life.

Be encouraged

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