How to Grow from Milk to Meat

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How to Grow from milk to meat: Paul writes about growing from milk to meat. We understand this statement, because we don’t give meat to new born babies!! In the same way, Paul is considerate about growing in knowledge in the kingdom. We need to bring the same approach to new believers, that they need to start on milk then grow into meat. They must never be left on milk all the days of their life on earth!!

(by the way, apologies if you don't eat meat, thankfully its an analogy)

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Most times when we internalise our experiences it can feel like no one understands what we’re going through and we’re alone. The truth is, you are not the first human on planet earth to go through this experience. You will find to your amazement, that if you socialised and shared your experiences that you’ll find countless people have already gone through and or is going through the same or similar experience.

So don’t reinvent the wheel, find out what they did. Better still ask God and listen to the answer. He should know, he created us from himself!!

Take God at his Word

“God is not speaking to me…I’m not hearing the voice of God”. If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard these and other similar statements, I’d be rich. I’m not being hard, because sometimes people do struggle.

The truth is, these statements are NOT true, never will be true and sums up a mind that has stopped taking God at his word. God makes many promises – I will never leave you nor forsake you…I will be with you to the end of the ages.

Big question – bearing in mind God will NEVER leave me… if I feel lonely on Monday morning, is that because God has abandoned me? Ok, so why say He has?

Is it true that the power of life and death is in our mouths, if so then we need to be far more careful with these comfort comments, which are in fact self fulfilling. As the saying goes, stand on Gods promised, they are true, real and unbreakable.

Be encouraged…!!

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