How to Hear God’s Voice in the Noise

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How many times have you said or thought or heard someone say, “I can’t hear God’s voice”, and reach the conclusion, “He’s not speaking to me anymore”. Well this is a common occurrence. You’re not alone. I can try to convince you that what you are thinking isn’t true… but you know that. I can quote you all the scriptures…”I will never leave you nor forsake you”…but you know all that. The bit I think we need to convince ourselves about is this.

What “benefit” is there to God, to stop speaking with you?

Repeat this question a few times…”what benefit is there for God to stop speaking to me? To teach me patience? To teach me how to seek him? Patience and seeking God are benefits to me, not God… Over the years, I have heard many reasons why people think God has stopped speaking to them. However, what if the truth is that, we stopped listening to God!!! It’s one of those shock statements that immediately solicits a response…no, I’m still listening…so its God that’s stop talking!!!! Really?

Back to the question in the previous paragraph.

I have searched the bible for an answer for the “benefits to God”, to stop talking to us, and I can’t find any. If you find any please do let me know. I will declare now, I don’t believe God sees it as a benefit to stop speaking to us.

In the Old Testament I read of God turning his face away, but what does that mean? Did He ever leave the people alone? No He didn’t. He continued speaking with the prophets and to individuals who continued listening to Him.

God may have removed his protection and His blessings on their crops but He never once stopped speaking to His people, even when they were in captivity. Why? Revisit your bible and see for yourself. God has always been true to His promise to never leave nor forsake. People on the other hand, do stop listening to God, but it’s not an easy wake up call when your spirits are at a low point.

If God stopped listening, it means He has to contradict His word and we know that there’s no contradiction in God. Therefore the contradiction is in us…call every man liar but God our Holy God, Lord of all, He alone tells the truth.

Hearing God through the noise, starts with you and me, every moment of every day.

We can make a decision to involve God in our decisions, even ones that may seem insignificant, involve Him. What’s the worst that can happen if you tell God you’re about to answer the phone, guide me? What’s the worst that can happen, if you prayed this 3 second prayer, before you did anything? Involving God is that simple and has big benefits. People say, practice makes perfect. That is right. If you practice excluding God from each moment of your life, you will become perfect at it.

Include God in every moment of your life and you will become perfect at that also.

“My sheep know my voice, I know them and they follow me” John 10:27. The sheep learns the shepherds voice in only one way, the shepherd has to speak, not just once, but all the time. Therefore, accepting that God has never stopped and never will stop speaking to us means we can quickly turn and involve God in our lives again.

Whenever you are challenged by the statement – God has stopped speaking to me, ask yourself the simple question…what benefit is there to God in that?

Finally, yes, God is both judge and father. But think on this… the God that gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life, cannot also be “eager” to judge you and stop speaking to you. So let’s turn to God in all things and enjoy His voice in all aspects of our lives, every moment of every day, and become perfect at that.

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