How to Live as a Victor…!

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Lord help me against the enemy!! How many times have we made that call over the years? As for me…many times. And it’s from a place when we realise, we are in-the-deep, and we need a way out. And our ever faithful God is there to make a way where there is no way for us. 
However is that the best approach we can take to the challenges we must face? The approach to always “cry” out for help, carries the risk of becoming a victim, when in fact we are more that conquerors…we are victors!!!
A victim is someone who believes (in their mind) they have suffered some experience at the hands of another. On the other hand a victor is someone that believes they’ve won. Agreed? AFTER every experience we can come away with feelings of victim or victor. Question is, how do we ENTER experiences? Do we know when we are in the midst of another challenge, or do we realise some time later, when things start going wrong?
Read Joshua 6:2-5 before continuing. 
Have you noticed God spoke to Joshua using past tense about an event that hadn’t happened yet. Read Joshua 6:2-5 again. God gave the victory “before” the event of the walls collapsing. Joshua’ task was to follow instructions to the letter and he would experience being the victor, from the “start” of the experience to the very end.
Following the steps to victory, with non-spiritual eyes, would be a boring effort for Joshua and the Israelite army! My goodness. Imagine being trained for war, then told to march around the city 13 times…that’s just long, that can’t possibly work. Now imagine being a foot soldier, far down the chain of command, you would be forgiven for thinking Joshua was off his trolley!! And since when does shouting collapse walls anyway!!
The difference with our God is that his instructions GUARANTEE victory BEFORE we have even entered the experience!!
We therefore have a choice, to approach life with a victim or a victor focus. A victim focus relies on not following His instructions but calling for help, to get out of situations, never really enjoying true victory. Whereas we can be victors by following his instructions. How do we know this is true. God said to the children of Israel, He lays before them blessings and curses. The decisions they make will directly lead to blessings or can directly lead to curses. In the same way, not following instructions has consequences.
So, can we just choose to walk in victory? Yes..!!! To walk in victory is actually quite simple, do as Joshua did. Follow instructions. We can choose to follow God’s instructions, before knowing what they are. Because choosing to follow instructions is a state of mind, it’s not just about obedience. When your mind has surrendered to God through Christ Jesus; long, boring or illogical requests are no problem, because your trust is fully surrendered. And you know, you know, you know beyond any doubt, that God is in control through His Holy Spirit. That wherever the journey leads is neither here nor there, because you are heading there with Christ…this is simply fantastic…don’t you think?
Be encouraged.

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