How to Look Back at the Right Things

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Lot’s wife looked back to what was quickly becoming history, disobeying a command not to look back and she turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26); Moses tapped the rock when God told him to speak to the rock and in that moment disobeyed God (Numbers 20:8-10); when the going got tough the children of Israel looked back to Egypt, accusing Moses of bringing them out into the wilderness to die (Exodus 14:11). Well, those were the wrong reasons for looking back, however for the right reasons, looking back at Gods provision is great as it gives us strength to progress. King David looked back to all God had done in his life and gained strength for the fight to return his and his fighting men’s families (1 Samuel 30:6). Be encouraged 
Paul writes that everything is permissable but not everything is beneficial. Looking back under the right circumstances is productive and healthy. Looking back under the wrong conditions can lead to wrong decision making and disobedience, demonstrating a lack of trust in the Lord.
Looking back to the provision and blessings of God is a great thing to do. It strengthens us mentally, physically and spiritually for the challenges we have to face in life and its a fantastic thing, facing life in the faith that the Almighty God is on your side.
“I never really understood why looking back to “how” God moved in the past and looking for that same move again could be a bad thing”.
In the past God asked Moses to tap the rock, in the present to achieve the same outcome “water”, God asks Moses to speak to the rock. Certainly since tapping the rock the last time worked, tapping it again should be no problem, right? In our eyes that may be so but to God this is a BIG issue. God told Moses you don’t trust me!!! Wow.
The answer is in John 3:16 and the operative word is “believe”. Not believed!! It’s not about past tense its about the present tense. Our faith in God has to be in the here and now; in the present.
Imagine Joshua being told by God to march around a city 13 times then the walls will collapse – hold up, that has never happened in the past!! Joshua has no reference point for this action; this was God about to bring down walls in a totally new way. Joshua needed faith in the present and total conviction too. It wasn’t just Joshua marching, it was the entire army of Israel…!! Imagine having to command thousands of fighting men to match around a city 13 times, shout then the walls will fall. Trust me that takes some faith in the here and now!!
Many people today look back anticipating that the next move of God will be the same as the one before. If that’s you…stop right now. People say things like…God “moves” like this or God moves like that, attributing past moves to the present day and the future. This is not biblical. God said He is the I Am, that means He is present right now. So stop looking backwards and stand in God now.
Understand that God may want to achieve the same outcome as previous. But in His infinite wisdom, He may chose to bring about that outcome by another means. It does not render the previous move irrelevant, God is showing He is God and He can take us from Glory to Glory. Think about it. Where is the glory in repeating the same actions to bring about a miracle? In Moses’ case, God wanted to build the faith of Moses and the Israelites. To take them from physical actions to the power of “speaking things to be”. God wants to take us to a new experience in Him, speaking things into being…fascinating!!!
Some people perpetually look backwards, while living in the present. No ill is meant by this. The people looking backwards are nice, we love them dearly. However God wants us to enjoy his best, He wants us to fully appreciate His provision today. Think about it, the experience with Moses serves as a real warning. That we are to follow Jesus through his Holy Spirit in every moment, each moment at a time.
Looking back in the wrong way limits what we believe God can do. I remember in the church I attended as a youth I asked, why aren’t people being healed today. I was told, that was in the times of Acts, we are in a different age now. I accepted this answer but was troubled; it never really made sense to me. Limiting the great I Am to a time or age or event; works for the human mind requiring a fixed concept of God – ie God is like this… As nice as that may be, there is no such concept. God said He is the “I Am”. And his names are countless – Jehovah Jira, Nissi, Raffa, the great I am, the almighty, the eternal one, the one that sits on the throne, the lion of Judah.  Each of these names are in the present!! That’s where God exists and where our faith should be also.
There’s a scripture, where your treasure is there will your heart be also. We need to be careful that our treasure is in God in the present so that when He asks us to do something, we get on with it in the present.
Be encouraged.

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