How to Give Love to Everyone…The Next BIG Challenge!!

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It’s easy sometimes to get complacent in our beliefs, that the enemy is out to get just Christians, as though there’s a group of people the enemy doesn’t want to get…!!That thinking, which is quite prevalent in the church, makes us forget a crucial thing… John 3:16 for God so loved the WORLD that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believe on Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

That is… the whole world… By adopting this belief, we forget and completely overlook the fact that Adam was the first target, not you!!

I have been guilty of talking about my bad experiences, in a way that can make others believe Christians are the only targets. I really didn’t spend much time looking at the very people making my life a living hell, to see whether they got any benefit from how badly I was treated. They didn’t.

Even in the commercial world, we see men exploiting the resources of the world in a way that keeps millions of people in poverty. Do I think those people enjoy seeing misery. I don’t believe anyone enjoys it. I think greed makes people blind to the misery. While they benefit from misery, the objective isn’t to create misery for misery sake. I hope that makes sense…I’m not justifying the misery caused.

Why is this important to stress?

So many people with different beliefs are suffering. Families are distraught. Children are dying by their own hands and by the hands of other people. We may take sides, however, keep in mind, while the people suffering may not be believers, they are God’s creation…people who Christ died for and wants to see saved. We’ve got to get better at seeing sin in “all” its forms rather than the people through whom a particular sin is manifested.

This knowledge is crucial. Remember what Jesus said to Saul (before his name was changed to Paul)…why do you persecute me? It was sin (absence of God in Saul’s life) which motivated Saul’s actions; who in fact believed he was actually doing Gods will. Do you think this could possibly be the same today? We often say, hate the sin not the sinner…lets start believing that. So today, when you are the target of any form of persecution, know its sin at work through that person.

What should you do?

LOVE them anyway. I look back now and think…all those people who did me wrong, did they “intentionally” set out to hurt me for their own personal gratification? As much as that judgemental part of me would love to say yes, deep down I really don’t think so. Their actions were motivated by their character, mines too…our sinful characters.

If they and I were truly in Love with Jesus Christ, instead of making life difficult, they would have made my life worth living and I would make theirs worth living too. We all would have gained the highest gratification ever, that of making someone else happy. Love your neighbour as yourself.

Wake up call…

How could I be so self centred and selfish to think that all the people on the earth were not also suffering the same as me!!! Suffering in a different form, but suffering nonetheless. As the collective of God’s creation, we’re all suffering the effects of sin. Just look at the news and you can’t avoid seeing the way sin (the absence of God) is ravaging the world and how its being made worse by men, not willing to use the resources of the world to make everyone’s life good.

Isn’t this what God has in store for us. A new heaven and earth with mansions which we didn’t build but which HE is happy to make available to us, simply for believing in Him.

What am I saying?

There’s only one answer. That answer is LOVE. Love in-spite of the suffering, the pain. Because LOVE means we have a hope of everlasting life with God through Jesus Christ.

Be encouraged

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