How to Overcome Everything

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Yes, you can overcome everything…!! But from our youth to adulthood, we are taught to be victims. Our very language positions us as victims of actions performed by others…have you heard or said yourself that the enemy is attacking you? We all have said that at one time or another. What if there’s more to the experiences we go through than simply the enemy attacking us? As Paul writes in Hebrews 5:12, lets grow from milk to meat and toughen up our spiritual understanding…lets learn how to overcome everything. Be encouraged.

God asked Noah to build an ark (Genesis 6:15) – a big ship, because an event was coming that the people on earth had never experienced before – flooding. Noah obeyed. Part of that obedience was being the object of laughter and ridicule. Could you endure that, doing something not even you had seen before?

So during the building of this big ship, there was no way to test whether it would work. Noah had never seen flood waters, he actually did not know what to expect. All he had to rely on, was his faith, that the instructions given to him were given by God and not his own imaginations.

The test of the ark were the flood waters…!!

We pray to God to make us Light; are we ready to be tested with darkness? Would you agree, the test of light is darkness? The only way to ensure light is doing its work is to place it within darkness… A light among light just helps to radiate more light, in daylight, a light is little use. Light is really needed where there is darkness. When faced with darkness do you see yourself as a victim?

You have already overcome, if you are prepared to be tested. It doesn’t mean you may not make a mistake, it means you are not the victim of darkness, you are light and are prepared to make your light shine in the darkness.

We pray for Unity; are we ready to be tested with division? How many times have we prayed for unity and when division comes we run for the hills? Unity is one of those misunderstood terms. Because two or more people agree does not mean they are united. Agreement does not mean unity. In church we pursue agreement mistaking that for unity.

Then our unity is tested with division, guess what happens? Someone always end up leaving the church, that’s not unity, we had agreement not unity.

Unity requires far more than agreement, it requires shared purpose and in the spirit, shared existence. Jesus explains in His prayer to the Father (John 17:21); He asks for this…Father as you and I are one, may they be one with each other and one with us – may they all be one. Awesome!!!

Unity requires us to be one in the spirit – many members, each with a different role (as in your body).

We pray for Patience; are we ready to be tested with irritating and frustrating experiences? Its a wonderful prayer to ask for patience because there are so many circumstances that can irritate and frustrate the life out of us. So we should pray for patience.

The test of our patience requires us to deal with situations that would make us explode. Now, with the blessing of patience, we deal with the same situations in the spirit and not in our flesh. However difficult the situation is, we are confident that our Lord is busy making a way where there is no way.

Patience requires us to remain in the spirit, confident in the promise that all things work for good for those that love the Lord…(Romans 8:28)

We pray for Love; are we ready to be tested with hatred? Now for the BIG one, like you I also pray for deeper love so that I can declare that I am patient, kind, long suffering… But I will confess, if someone expresses hatred towards me, I really won’t be showing them much attention far less love, will you…be honest?

Let’s confess our sins one to another (James:16), I’ll start. I struggle being kind to those that are determined to make my life a living hell. Only recently I was accused by someone very close of something very horrid, what’s worse, we have no idea how they arrived at the conclusion they did. I haven’t called them since. I need to call them. This thing hurts. When you see me next, feel free to ask whether I made that call.

We are more than conquerors. We are not victims.

Whatever you pray for, also pray for courage, faith and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to sustain you through the test. Be prepared for the tests and be prepared to win. Remember preparedness in your mind, body and soul is 50% of the battle, when the tests come, you’re ready. That’s how we can stand in unity when division comes and let our light shine in the darkness.

Be encouraged

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