How to Provide NO Footholds to the Enemy

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We don’t intentionally go out to fail, fall or provide footholds to the enemy. However many of our beliefs and the things we may have been taught over the years, or learnt on our journey, unwittingly provides the enemy with footholds to influence our thoughts, words and actions, and in turn what we teach our children and to those around us. Here’s a few, be encouraged, God has a great plan.

Let’s start with an instruction God gave to Cain in Genesis 4:7, its so simple it’s frightening. God tells Cain to “rule over sin”. What!!! Just like that, rule over sin. Keep that in mind…

Views on the Internet…!!

It never fails to surprise me when I hear views within the body of Christ on the Internet, reduced to one thing “pornography”. Don’t get me wrong pornography is awful, but have we ever sat back and contemplated the vastness of the Internet and the countless number of very positive benefits it delivers to life as we know it? The ¬†world has become smaller, and a consequence of a smaller world is we are literally a matter of years away from the gospel being able to reach every corner of this earth – literally!! But it also means that things we may never have heard of or been shielded from, are now a mouse click away.

So we are experiencing scripture that says everything that is hidden will be revealed. That doesn’t mean those things were never there!! YOU, may not of heard of it. Is it possible that God is actually making known the scale of the problem so we can be part of the “solution” to fix it? Let’s not give the enemy a foothold by branding the entire internet as evil. The enemy wants, actually needs us to focus on what’s “wrong” and get caught up in the fear the Internet, all the time missing how the Internet is enabling the spread of the gospel to every corner of the world.

Views on Eros (physical) love…!!

I taught the boys at a youth session on the topic of dating. So I planned to start with a summary of love and the different types of love. I began my research online and was shocked to learn that most Christian websites I visited, labeled “Eros love” as “selfish”. Wow, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. God gave us all forms of love because He is love – the ability to love God, love our family friends and our neighbour, and the ability to be intimate with our wife or husband; and through that intimacy to multiply people on the earth. Where’s the selfishness in what God intended?

Now Eros love in the context of unmarried sexual gratification is 100% selfish. And I understand that concern, but the concern CANNOT replace the very pure and beautiful purpose of Eros love as “God intended”. We must be able to both see things as God intended and also see the corruption that has occurred. The foothold to the enemy, is in making the concern of promiscuity of greater significance than the beauty of enjoying Eros within marriage. As a consequence the enemy is promoting Eros outside of marriage as great and within marriage as boring and people of all ages are believing that. Instead of promoting that Eros within marriage is great, many Christian websites are actually promoting Eros as selfish!! Let us resist this foothold and be bold about love in all its forms as God intended.

Views on Abortion…!!

This is a by far the most difficult one. God is LIFE, full stop. And on this topic, it’s refreshing to see some quarters of the global church have begun listening to right voice. It’s about being “pro life” as opposed to anti abortion!! Some reading this might think, what’s the difference. The difference is massive. Because you may be anti death (against abortion) does not mean you are automatically pro life. The pro life campaign has been so successful, that the pro death camp have shifted their position to pro choice. So how do we answer pro choice? In my humble opinion the church should shout, death is not a choice for the unborn, pro life is pro choice for the unborn….!!!

Our beliefs, even ones that may seem innocent and defending Christianity, may just be the foothold the enemy relies on. Instead let us stand in the Word and declare God’s restoration to the world, because like the writer of Romans 8:38-39; “[We] are convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

Be encouraged.

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