How to Share Your Testimony

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Your testimony or “witness” is one of the most valuable statements you can make in this life in into eternity. Its a statement backed by the will weight of a commandment in scripture. “Do not bear false witness”.  When sharing your testimony, do you knowingly or unknowingly give false witness? After reading this, if you realise you’ve been giving false testimony…Jesus is the answer…Be Encouraged.

False Witness Has Consequences

Words are powerful, in them are life and death and with them we can initiate spiritual blessings and curses on people and the earth. When sharing our testimony, do we pay attention to ensure what we share – actually makes sense; is actually accurate?

Sometimes in our excitement to declare the healing, we make statements that are clearly false at worse, questionable at best. Here’s some scripture foundations for all healing as spoken by the BIG man Jesus himself.

If you abide in me and my Word abide in you, ask for anything in my name and my Father in Heaven will grant your request”. The very statement is conditional…it begins with “IF”.

A centurion said to Jesus, just give the command and my daughter will be healed – Jesus’s response explains this article in full. He said “never in the whole of Israel, have I seen such faith”. The centurion understood this, at a command his daughter can be healed, yet Jesus referred to this as “faith” not knowledge.

So for the first questionable or possibly false witness: “I knew Jesus was going to come through for me”. Did you KNOW or did you BELIEVE? Based on Jesus’ interaction with the centurion, there is no spiritual way you could KNOW. You can definitely Believe and be 100% convinced in your belief, but unfortunately as great as it sounds, saying you “knew” is not entirely accurate.

Impact on The Hearer

Everyone knows in life everything is achieved on belief. Innovation in all fields starts with belief until its proven, then it becomes knowledge. God said to a generation…”see I am doing a new thing”. The old thing may still work of sorts, but its not what God is doing right now. So knowledge and adherence of the old thing, means you can get to a place where you are completely out of step with God.

Why is this important to know. Because when we speak, people are listening and they are processing what is say. If you stick to using the word BELIEVE, you will be fine. This is totally consistent with how God made man and even those who don’t believe in Jesus, understand how to believe in something and see it come true.

When you use the word “knew” you are entering the sphere of predetermination – dangerous. Even if your witness contains truth, most people will automatically begin to doubt.

My PA in a previous job came to work with her arm in a sling. Her family religion is Sikh. She informed me of her doctors appointment later that morning as her arm has been in pain all weekend. I agreed. Before she left I asked her permission to try something. She’s standing at the door to my office, I’m sat at my desk. “Do you mind if I command healing in the name of Jesus for your arm?” Her facial expression was an obvious…NO. So I reassured her, “I’m not going to move from my seat”. Her face relaxed and she agreed.

I said a short statement, something to the effect – Lord I stand on my faith in you, please heal N’s arm. She blurted out a laugh and said…”that’s it?”

She then moved her arm slightly, then a bit more, then she took it out of the sling and screamed out loud in the office – which startled everyone. She ran to her desk, grabbed her phone and I could hear her on the phone to her boyfriend in a high pitch voice explaining her arm is healed.

Did I know her arm was going to be healed – No. Did I believe – Yes. Even if my believe was total and I saw the healing in a dream before it happened, I still believe!!

Be encouraged

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