How to Stop Being Afraid of Making Mistakes

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“Peter do you love me?” I’m sure you understand the back story to this question. Can you imagine, not too long before Peter had denied knowing Jesus, and what’s worse… Jesus heard him, ouch!! Now fast forward; Jesus and Peter are sitting together. Awkward. “Peter do you love me? Then feed my lambs and feed my sheep”. Did we miss something (in the flesh). Where’s the rebuke, where’s the penalty, where’s the punishment? He can’t just deny Jesus at the critical moment, then get promoted to feeding Jesus’s lambs and sheep!!

Be encouraged…

God is not afraid of our mistakes. I repeat, God is not afraid of our mistakes. So you shouldn’t be ‘afraid’ of them either. Men and women may be disappointed with your mistakes, that’s natural but be encouraged, God isn’t shaken by our mistakes. Thank God he sees our hearts.

Another important reason why God isn’t afraid of our mistakes, is because the focus of his relationship with us is 100% spiritual. His view of us is spiritual only, God is not flesh and blood so he can’t possibly look at us as a man would.

Whereas we can’t help operating our relationships with each other in the flesh, God operates only in the spirit. So when someone makes a mistake, do we treat them as Jesus would or do we go all flesh on them?

You can be honest…

Back to Peter, Jesus used physical words but he wasn’t asking a “flesh” based question. He was asking a spiritual question, and Peter also answered in the spirit. Jesus then followed up with spiritual instructions – feed my lambs and feed my sheep. Jesus wasn’t afraid of Peters mistakes. Why? Peters denial didn’t change the course of Jesus’s glorious sacrifice and resurrection which brings us salvation.

Be encouraged.

Your mistakes, no matter how small or big, will not change Gods plan for the return of His Son. Now don’t take this to mean we are not important to God..we are mega important. Understand, our God is the only one that makes ways where there is no way, for the fulfilment of His Word and promises. So, in that moment of his guilt, Peter learned to not be afraid of his mistakes too.

Imagine, some 2000 years later we are still reading about Peters denial. In the flesh you may think it’s an embarrassment, and perhaps you are right. But in the spirit, its a declaration that we are more than conquerors; we are the head and not the tail; we are wonderfully and marvellously made; we are joint heirs with Jesus the Christ. Is that an honour or is that an honour!!!

Jesus gave an analogy; to enter the kingdom we have to be like little children. Well one trait of children is that they get many things wrong, but after each incident guess who they run back to? The very parent who disciplines them…wow!!! God wants that relationship with us. God is not afraid of our mistakes and neither should we be.

Ok, I get the concern about mistakes becoming a licence for some people to do as they please. I understand. But think, the people who chose to do as they please are not making mistakes…!! This is the sheer beauty of free will.

Operating 24/7/365 in the spirit is the only way to not make mistakes. Let’s accept being flesh we will get things wrong. The great thing is, God judges our hearts to determine whether our answer to the “do you love me” question…love God…!!!

Be encouraged

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