How to Understand Fear…Another Perspective

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Perfect Love casts out all fear. From this very short statement, together with another – the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom; seems to indicate that “fear” should be reserved for God alone. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us Love is patient, kind, keeps no records of wrongs, always trusts, rejoices in truth.

That said, the “motives” for many of the decisions we make every minute of every day, just may be ‘fear’ based, rather than love based.

I’m sure you know, we have more control and influence than we can ever imagine, over those difficult situations at work and home. How is this possible? Think, how are you influenced to make changes in your life? By hearing or seeing something, that you believe will be good for you…agreed? Ok, if that true for you, then do you think its true for everyone else in the world? I think so too. Therefore, the first thing is to live what we believe….PERFECT LOVE “CASTS OUT” FEAR.

When we live love, all things are possible. Sometimes the enthusiasm to “preach” gets in the way of simply communicating LOVE, which casts out all fear and influences people. Here’s a difficult statement, what we believe determines how we live, the decisions we make every minute of every day.

For example, choosing to love everyone that makes mistakes will among other things, be reflected by your patience to explain how to get things done properly, without judgement and condemnation. Choosing to repay with Love, to every negative action or comment makes us the stronger more confident person. Choosing to bring perfect love to every situation means YOU are non-verbally communicating your “lifestyle” to everyone you come in contact with.

Now like you, everyone learns from seeing and hearing…your patience, your kindness, your long-suffering, your understanding, your wisdom, your insights, your peacefulness, your tenderness, your optimism and your joy. These traits are contagious…but know this, there is an enemy who is adamant to ensure you never display this lifestyle to anyone. But its vitally important that you continue living your Love lifestyle, because that’s the easiest way to influence the world.

Fear can prevent us from achieving both physical and spiritual things.

Have you ever felt nervous about meeting someone new or felt discouraged from attending an event because you don’t know anyone going? Its all fear… In the same way, fear prevents us from achieving spiritual things but LOVE enables casts out fear and enables us to have confidence.

Practice the fruits of Love.

We all know people who infuriate us. But practice patience and understanding with that person, listen to them. I know its difficult, I know putting up with that person is hard, but the reward is totally worth it, both in heaven and on earth. You may find out to your shock amazement that the person looks up to you and wants your acknowledgement…!! Giving people time (love) is worth it.

Be encouraged

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