How to Understand Sin…for Revival

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How to Understand Sin…for Revival: God has called us into a “spirit and truth” relationship (John 4:23) with Him. As part of that relationship, our soul is SAVED from “sin” and death. Now because the relationship is a spiritual one, it means Sin must also be a spiritual concept. However, the manifestations of sin are seen and experienced in the flesh. But Sin, is something that happens first in the spiritual realm. Understanding this has serious practical significance about what we believe and what we interpret, to be a “sin”. Be encouraged.

The traditional explanations of sin have centred on “behaviours”, especially those that we get wrong. Knowing what the manifestations of sin are, provides a good compass to help us understand behaviours. The problem is, just appearing to behave “right” was never the sum total of what God called us into. He called us into a spirit and truth relationship. Therefore knowing what sin looks like is good but our learning about sin should not end there.

Ok, you might be thinking, what’s the point of this. Isn’t it a good thing to know what sin looks like? Definitely I agree. But if our understanding of sin stops at behaviours, we are missing out on an exciting understanding that will change our lives.

So then, what is the spiritual definition of sin?

Remember these scriptures “Apart” from me you can do nothing (John 15:5)…father as you and I are one, may they be one with us (John 17:21)…if you abide in me, ask for anything in my name and my father will give it to you (John 15:6-8). Therefore Spiritually, we are required to exist (abide) in Him and through Him…the Great I Am. Should we choose not to abide in Him and through Him that “state” (choosing to exist without Him) is Sin….going through the minutes and hours of our lives “without God” and without a spirit and truth relationship with God through our Lord and saviour Jesus the Christ.

How do we know this to be true?

It is written in Romans 6:23 that “the wages of sin is death”, Jesus also gave an analogy in John 15:6 of branches that do not abide in Him are burned. Is that the physical death of our body or the spiritual death of the soul? You got it, it’s the Soul. So how does our soul die? The answer is, by not being in a spirit and truth relationship with the Great I Am.

Now look at the world, every issue plaguing the world in the past, present and future, can be traced to Sin – not abiding in the Great I Am. And unfortunately, death of the soul will befall those who choose to reject a spirit and truth relationship with the Great I Am!!!

How can we exist in God 24/7?

Some people think it’s not possible. Again let’s look at this with spiritual eyes. It’s totally possible. Someone once asked me, so when I’m running for the bus, if I’m not thinking about God, I’m in sin. The simple answer is YES! When God is “absent” or removed from any moment of our lives, crazy things happen. When running to catch the bus, you can pray that The Lord gets you to your ultimate destination on time and in one piece!!

God sustains everything seen and unseen, therefore in a spiritual relationship, God must be at the centre of everything we think, say and do. So that we can say like Paul, it’s not me that live, but Christ that lives in me. You might be thinking, Roy you have no idea the type of people I work with, you don’t know how hard it is. You’re right, I personally don’t know. However I know the God we serve and I know He knows all things. And think about it, the harder the people are to deal with, its the more we should be relying on God…!!!

Therefore, while a understanding of sin in the physical realm helps us to appear to behave right, a spiritual understanding of sin requires us to maintain our spirit and truth relationship with the Great I Am at all times.

So there it is, Sin is a spiritual concept, and the manifestation of sin is in the physical. It’s critically important to understand both aspects of Sin – what sin is and the resulting manifestations of sin. As a result, our focus becomes more about existing in spirit and truth 24/7 which is the light that shines, so that men may see your good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.

Be encouraged

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