How to Understand Spiritual Seasons

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All four seasons work together to produce a great harvest…! If a single season dominated the whole year, it will destroy your harvest. Forever summer will dry up the water stores, wither all plants. Forever beautiful winters will kill the blossoms, all food will die. Forever spring and autumn likewise will render everything waterlogged. As in the physical realm, spiritually theLord of the Harvest balances all the seasons beautifully to produce your great harvest. If you have been taught falsely that winter is a necessary spiritual burden, it’s time to remove the scales from our eyes…Be encouraged. 

Traditional teachings on the seasons always praise summer and decry winter and rain. I’m not sure how this came about, because the bible actually states “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” Psalms 30:5.

Let’s get controversial: Winter and rain are only a nuisance to those with “nothing” planted in the ground – read Deuteronomy 11:13-14. I repeat the RAIN is only a nuisance to those with NOTHING PLANTED. So be careful when you refer to rain as something negative…eh hem!!!

In the same way a few people really don’t like sunshine, to them the sun is a nuisance – that’s because they don’t have fruit on their trees that need to ripen. I repeat, people who don’t like sunshine have NO FRUIT that needs to ripen…eh hem!!!

Is the picture becoming clearer? Those who despise any one of the seasons may not fully understand the seasons…or be those who don’t plant or are not into planting anything, or have no fruit that needs to ripen and harvest – interesting!!

Winter Blessings

Possibly you were taught that winter is a harsh season, that we must be strong to go through our winter season; but summer is on the way. As nice as that may sound, winter serves a far greater purpose than just to trouble you. The winter season prepares the land “to” grow things. Proverbs 20:4 gives a serious warning about those not willing to prepare the land but look for a harvest and find nothing…!!!

What I’m saying is you cannot have a great harvest without winter, when will the land get its rest if there was no winter?

Winter gets a bad rep; but winter is necessary for the harvest. In the northern and southern hemispheres winter is the time to let the land rest. So could it be that the spiritual troubles experienced as “winter” is because we are not allowing our land to rest? That we are fighting the season rather than working with it?

Without a great winter season, it’s likely the following harvest may not be great. Forcing the farmer to use chemical fertiliser and work harder to make up the difference… Have you found yourself always working extra hard (physically and spiritually) and not enjoying your previous seasons harvest..!!

Yes…you have to survive winter, but remember the harvest of the previous summer is what gets you through the winter. Animals such as Bears hibernate during winter; imagine if a bear decided to search for food in winter…certain death awaits! We also must be wise in winter and work with that season not against it.

Summer Blessings

Summer is a favourite season for obvious reasons – especially if you are involved in production of food. Summer to a farmer is as important as winter, spring and Autumn. Because too much summer will kill the harvest. Too much summer for a consumer is heaven!!

There are risks in all seasons – drought, floods and harsh winters. During these times we can look at the destroyed harvest and not to the Lord of the harvest. Yes look to the Lord of the harvest, because He said He is…the Lord of the harvest. When the risks threaten to destroy the crops, we don’t look to the land for the solution, we don’t blame the winter, we look to the Lord of the harvest to deliver the harvest despite the risk!!!

Let’s value all seasons and rely on the Lord of the harvest though the Holy Spirit to guide us through each season. Let’s get better at taking action appropriate for each season – flow with each season to experience a great spiritual harvest in our lives.

Be encouraged.

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