How to Walk in Confidence: Despite Mistakes

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How many times have you heard the saying…keep your head down? This advice is frequently accepted because it can be risky not too, especially if peers are unforgiving of mistakes. So, we keep our heads down…don’t make mistakes (or so we convince ourselves) and hope to survive!! Well, God has some very good news for us, He does not judge our future by the mistakes of our past, He encourages us to walk in confidence through our faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Mistakes can be irritating things, both for the person making the mistake and for the person experiencing the impacts. Mistakes can be costly in reputation, time and money, not to mention how angry it makes people. That’s why we don’t like making mistakes. And when we make them, some of us can be open and admit them, others may just move on silently, embarrassed that they got something wrong; and wanting as few people to know as possible.

The thing is, no matter how much we try to avoid making mistakes…we make them.

Recently, I was the MC at a really good friends’ wedding, when it was time to introduce the best man, I introduced him as the groom… oops… nobody laughed, the hall was silent, you could hear a pin drop. If a hole had appeared, I’d be in it, in a flash. I felt silly, but took a deep breath, apologised to the 150 pair or eyes staring at me and introduced the best man correctly second time around, phew! We’re still very good friends, and now have another experience to talk about in the future.

When learning a new subject or learning a language, mistakes are common. It can be part of the learning process…if we learn from them.

Mistakes are a part of growing, so if you have stopped making mistakes…well I couldn’t possibly comment…!!

We can be trained or train ourselves to respond to mistakes positively. King David, on finding out he was the aggressor in the “Bathsheba” event (2 Sam 12:1-14), confessed his sin immediately and accepted the judgement that should be meted out under the circumstance – death. However, our great God had already forgiven David (2 Sam 12:13). While he [David] had to face the spiritual consequences of his actions, God did not demote him from being king. Therefore, despite the mistakes David made, God continued to be God in his life and David could continue walking in confidence as King.

God wants us to walk with Him in confidence…despite our mistakes. So, let’s define ourselves by faith…not mistakes!!

Forgiveness plays a big part in our ability to walk in confidence. The ability to forgive and accept forgiveness is ultra important. To walk in confidence requires forgiveness so that we’re free and transparent, like Peter (Mark 8:33), or Thomas (John 20:24-29) for example, who walked with Jesus for years, but in his words, wouldn’t believe until he could prove it.

It takes confidence to be that open!! But that mistake [unbelief] didn’t stop him from being a disciple or from fulfilling his role. So, our ability to walk in confidence, despite our mistakes, requires us to stop being afraid of making mistakes, the mistake isn’t the problem. Mistakes are a part of growing and learning – we simply cannot escape mistakes at times.

Finally, remember what Jesus said the judgement will be like for saints (Matthew 25:35-40), it’s going to be a list of our righteous deeds, performed because of our faith in Jesus Christ.

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