How to…Walk in FULL Restoration

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“Then I will restore to you the years that the locust swarm devoured…”. We know these words verbatim and we speak them over our lives regularly. We often think about God just restoring the things I “had”. But is that the FULL story of restoration? Are those years that were devoured, the only “lost years” that God wants to restore to us? Intrigued? Read on…

Ok, in the physical realm, to be restored, like insurance means “replacing” all that was lost with new items. I recently heard a song with the words, I’m taking back everything the devil has stolen from me…and the singer listed among the things, health, job, children etc. Question, is that all we should want to take back?

Now, in the spiritual realm, God has declared blessings over our lives. He has confirmed those declarations to us through His Holy Spirit, confirmed through His people, such as pastors and prophets and even through signs. We have accepted those declarations and some may seem so outrageous, we’ve kept them secret, or maybe only told a few trusted people. The big question is this, do you believe God wants to restore those spiritual years too?

As an example, the Lord told Abraham to leave his father’s house and go to a land He will show him. We know the story, Abraham took his father but settled along the way and died where he settled; a little way off the promised land. As I understand it, Abraham and his offspring are supposed to live in the promised land. However did God give up the promise He made to Abraham? We know that story too. A few hundred years later, God brought about the fulfilment of the “promise” and facilitated the great great great great great…grand children of Mr Israel into the land that was promised, by God to Mr Abraham. Talk about restoration…wow!!

Can we recall the promises God has declared over our lives? Are we walking squarely within those promises, or have we settled some way off achieving them?

So, what does that mean practically? Walking in Full restoration requires restoring the things we “had”, but also those things promised by God, which we may not have experienced just yet. Walking in FULL restoration is challenging, it requires us to go to the exact destination God has determined, no matter what the challenges. It requires us to understand when we’ve settled in a place some way off and having the courage to get up and move onto the place where God has determine for us.

As we’ve seen time and again, circumstances that may seem disheartening, are in fact “enabling” factors in our lives. Recently Pastor Richard spoke about the trials of Job and the spiritual significance his sufferings held. We also read that Job was restored not just to his original position, but to where God determined he should be. So for 2013 if you determine to do anything, determine to walk in FULL restoration.

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