Is the Church Behind, Dealing with Racism?

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I heard a Pastor say “the bible doesn’t speak against slavery”. My heart sank, because I really respect this man, He is humble, always greets with a kind word, always has great advice to give. His words brought me back to reality…like pronto, with a bump…!!

Does the bible need to say, the theft, enslavement, murder, rape, torture of Africans is wrong? I don’t think so.

God already said Don’t Steal, Don’t Murder, Don’t Covet and love your neighbour as yourself. How can anyone square the circle of the cruelty merged out to Africans with adherence to the bible?

Church congregations are also pretty much split along race lines. Have you heard the phrase – black church?

Is there a white and black Heaven too? Offcourse I’m being sarcastic!! But you get the point.

Secular society is dealing with the issue of race and inequality in a daily basis. However I’m not so sure the church is even prepared to begin the discourse.

I have a theory. Our establishment pastors struggle to be as transparent as God, acknowledging the mistakes of pastors and missionaries.

Imagine God preserves a book that contains damning accounts of things people who claim to love God did…!! And God’s heart to restore them.

It would be great for pastors to lead the way in declaring slavery meted out to Africans had nothing to do with biblical teachings.

Be encouraged.

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