It Feels Like it should be Christmas Eve

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I love Christmas and proud of it. My home is a barhumbug free zone. Visit me and expect your ears to be greeted with Christmas music!!! My wife love wrapping presents. I love making drinks, snacks on tap and making her laugh…!!

its Friday before Christmas and this year the days just feel wrong. Christmas in a Monday – doesn’t feel right. I’m up at the crack of dawn, thinking it’s Christmas Eve. What’s that about?

If you thought it…no I know Santa is not real (ha ha).

The Christmas story in the bible couldn’t be more different than our prep. Actually I’m happy I’m living in 2017. Have you smelt a barn?

In a few days we’ll be celebrating, let’s pay some sober thought to what the first Christmas was like. Only those notified by God celebrated and they celebrated lavishly – those gifts were not cheap.

Personally I don’t have a problem with gifts at Christmas. Jesus came into the world so that I can be free to live forever – I’m going to celebrate hard.

So why does it feel like Christmas Eve? Maybe it’s nothing more than it’s Friday…maybe…!!

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