Jesus is the Son of God

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But you, who do you think I am. Peter answered. You are the Christ” Mark 8:29. There’s so many questions around this one statement. There are religions that have made it their work to “prove” God does not have a son. After 2 thousand years, it still cannot be proved, Jesus is not the son of God.

An atheist friend said to me, Roy you are the one that needs to prove Jesus is the Son of God. My reply shocked him. No I don’t have to prove anything, Jesus is quite capable of proving to you He is the Son of God himself. Eternity is planted in the hearts of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11), which means God is connected to every individual human being on earth.

With freewill, we can live our lives denying, ignoring or avoiding the idea that each of us have a spiritual life. There is something in us that decides what it will and will not do. And in every decision we make, we have some preferences that “flavour” our choices.

Are you questioning whether Jesus is the Son of God? Jesus wants to prove it to you. Open your heart, invite Him into a conversation. Be amazed and witness the miracle that will change your life in this life and the next.

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